I started with just a few tools.

Most of them were worn out, broken, modified or incomplete after decades of professional use. I struggled a lot with them until I was able to save enough money to buy new ones, starting with my spanner set. That’s the same spanner set I use today. 

Eighteen years have gone by, and things have progressively changed. Today I have more tools, which I handle with care and respect, to work on my projects. With videos now on YouTube, people have been asking about some of those tools. This page should provide answers, as I’m updating it frequently, including my own personal opinion about each tool.

Some links are affiliate links, which means I might receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you choose to open a link and then buy something. Of course, all the cents will go into buying more tools.

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Oil bottles

PRECISION OILER: Needle oiler bottles for door locks, hinges, clocks, sewing machines, fishing reels, bikes, optical repair work. Fine tip…

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