Brilliance black aluminum marking spray

This patented laser marking spray is formulated to revolutionize metal marking on uncoated metals like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper and other metal surfaces.

Additional information:


I used this to mark aluminum using a 22W diode laser. I wasn't sure what to expect, I didn't have any experience with lasers, but it worked surprisingly well. I tried the same job without the spray and it didn't leave a mark to be seen.

To use this I made sure the part was clean and degreased and gave just 1 even coat. It doesn't smell, but of course, do it on a well ventilated area and wear a mask. The laser engraving can be done once the part is dry. After the engraving is done, the remainings of the spray can be cleaned with a rag or paper, no special products are needed.

Please note: diode lasers are not really the kind of laser one should be using to mark/engrave metals, but if you already have one, this might do that odd job. If you're interested in seeing the results I had, have a look at the following video.