Dasqua granite comparator stand

Extremely rugged and universally adjustable to any position, these gauges are well suited for inspection and layout.

Additional information:

Table size (mm)

150 x 100

Working area (mm)

100 x 100

Indicator support:

8mm stem; dovetail


I bought this little granite plate before I had a proper surface plate.

I'll be honest and say I didn't use it much back then, but these days I've been using it more and more. I normally have it ready to go, mounted with a dial indicator, so if I want to check the parallelism of a small part, I can do it quickly.

It wouldn't hurt for the working area to be a little bit bigger, but for that, I have the surface plate... and it's also nice that this takes up little room on the bench. The clamp takes 8mm stems (and dovetails) and works well - it doesn't feel cheap.