Mitutoyo 0.0005" dial test indicator

This indicator automatically adapts to the required measuring direction on contact, and the jewelled movement provides lowest friction and stiction for smooth and precise operation.

Additional information:

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Before I had this Mitutoyo dial test indicator (DTI), I tried my luck with a couple of cheap chinese ones - an unbranded copy of Brown and Sharpe's BesTesT with a black dial and 0.0005" resolution; and a Miloluyc, a direct copy of Mitutoyo's 513-404 yellow dial DTI with a resolution of 0.01mm.

Both of them sucked - I hated them.

They were "ok" when the mechanism was kept under pressure, like when I was indicating a part on the lathe, but sweeping something on a surface plate was an awful experience. They just didn't repeat. Trying to set them to zero on a gauge block was frustrating and a waste of time.

Then I bought this Mitutoyo DTI, second hand, together with the Noga DTI holder. It was cheaper than buying new, but it was also a risky move because the DTI could be damaged. Luckily it wasn't and works perfectly.

I found out this DTI is VERY repeatable and easy to read. The dial rotates easily without messing up the setup... and I admit there were a couple of times I forced the body sideways against a part on the mill (oops) - so far so good, nothing bad happened. If something bad happens to it, I'll be looking to buy the exact same model, I highly recommend it.