Noga dial indicator stand

The articulated arm of the Noga magnetic base is capable of reaching every possible position – even upside down.

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I have a couple of old indicators with 9.5mm stems (3/8" actually). Until I bought this Noga holder, I wasn't able to use them because all the magnetic holders I had up to that point only supported 8mm stems. When I saw this Noga holder for sale, used but in great shape, I didn't think twice. Plus, it was nicely paired with a Mitutoyo DTI.

It was only then, after receiving it, that I understood why people hold these Noga holders in such high regard. While the magnetic base feels pretty much like the Chinese copies, the arm is totally different. The Noga arm is very well finished and not only holds the indicators firmly without needing to overtighten the knob, but the fine adjustment also makes sense. You can gently tweak it until you get the DTI in the position you're looking for without ruining the setup - this can't be done with my Chinese copies, which I pretty much stopped using right away. The clamp, which you can buy separately, can take 8mm or 9.5mm stems, or a small dovetail.

Just a final word of caution after reading some Amazon reviews: don't overtighten the knob or the DTI clamp; they perform well without doing so.